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Best Under Desk Treadmill

Nov 3, 2021 Homethletic

Sedentary lifestyles, are not healthy or natural to us - yet so many of us have jobs that give us no choice other than to spend long hours sitting at a desk!

But as times and lifestyles change, new ways of thinking have started to develop, and in recent months there has been a huge increase in the popularity of more lifestyle-focused exercise equipment rather than the standard gym equipment - which inevitably results in sitting down all day while you work, and then hoping that going all out for 30 minutes will offset the detrimental effects it causes (but it won't).

An under desk treadmill is the single best piece of kit you can get yourself, to stay in shape, when working long hours at a desk. One study found that participants who took part in a workplace-based challenge walked on average 6886 steps per day and reported 76% improvement in their health 73% on fitness and a 70% positive impact on their lifestyle.

Under desk treadmills are specifically designed so that you can walk at a comfortable pace while you work. The absolute maximum speed you will find in a true under desk treadmill is around 4 mph. Most people walk between 1.2 and 1.5 miles per hour while working at their treadmill desks. The idea here is to keep moving and still be productive.

0.6 – 1.3 MPHTyping / Reading
1.3 – 1.9 MPHReading / Talking on the phone
1.9 – 3 MPHWalking

In my research, I’ve eliminated poor quality imports, and have put together reviews of the best under desk treadmills on the market.

Editor's AwardProductProduct Picture
Best for Home Use
Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill
Best Space Saving Desk Treadmill for Home Use
WALKINGPAD A1 Foldable Treadmill Walking Pad
Best 2 in 1 Under Desk and Running Treadmill

REDLIRO Under Desk Bed Treadmill 2 in 1 Walking Machine
My Top Pick for Home Office or Office Setting
LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

Best Treadmill Desk Combo for Home/Office Use
LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk

Best Pro Under Desk Treadmill for Home/Office Setting
Heavy Duty
iMovR ThermoTread GT Under Desk Treadmill

Reviews for the Best Under Desk Treadmill

Best for Home Use: Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill

If you’re not going all out and intending to walk all day, every day you don’t need to spend a small fortune on a heavy duty machine.

Weighing in at only 55.5 lbs, with a load capacity of 220 lbs, it’s sturdy in construction, but much lighter than most – and it’s far more affordable too.

The speed range of only 0.5 – 4 MPH, puts this one safely in the category of a true under desk treadmill – and by that I mean, one that’s designed and built specifically for the purpose. You see there’s a huge amount of strain on any motor that’s not designed specifically to overcome the friction that comes with low-speed walking.

What I particularly like is that this machine can be programmed directly if you need to. Unlike others, it’s not solely reliant on a remote to work so if the worst comes to the worst and your remote breaks, or runs out of batteries, you can at least still use the treadmill.

The LED display screen is very easy to read, with large clear numbers displaying time, speed, and distance, as well as calories.

That said, the remote is packed full of features. It lets you stop and start the machine – but a word of warning, when you press stop, it stops, there’s no wind-down. Not a massive problem, but a wind-down would feel more natural.

You can also select your speed or, choose one of, wait for it, …12 available programs!

Now I know that sounds impressive, but to be perfectly honest, 12 programs is in our opinion, more than you’re ever going to need.

What this treadmill desk does best is to just keep you moving at a slow pace so you can work comfortably and efficiently. So an adjustable speed of 0.5 – 4 MPH is pretty much all the programming you’d need.

The treadmill runs quietly enough not to disturb you, or others while working, but the 5 beeps when you turn it on and the 1 beep when changing speed makes it, a better choice for the home, rather than for an office setting.

It’s comparatively lightweight and its two front wheels make it easy to move if you need to.

It’s a neat-looking treadmill, much more suited to a contemporary home setting than the Lifespan’s somewhat more traditional (and to be honest, dated) design. Furthermore, its low profile (at just 6 inches high,) means it can easily be stored away under a sofa or bed when not in use.


  • Speed Range – 0.5 – 4 MPH is ideal for an under desk treadmill.
  • Lightweight – Comparitively speaking it’s lightweight. At just 55.5 lbs it’s much lighter than most, and it has two wheels to help you move it if you need to.
  • Load Capacity of 220 lbs – It’s sturdy in construction. But if you are heavier than this, you should skip down the page to my iMovR review below.
  • LCD Display Screen – It has large, easy to read, numbers and it’s not completely remote dependent.

Buying Factors to Consider:

  • Not for Heavy Duty Use – For its low price tag, the Goplus is a great choice. If you’re a true pro and intend to walk continually for many hours a day, however, you should check out the LifeSpan or the iMovR below.

Best Space Saver for Home Use: WALKINGPAD A1 Foldable Treadmill Walking Pad

If you’re limited on space, the WALKINGPAD A1 allows you to simply fold it in half and conveniently wheel it out of the way at the end of the day.

And at only 5″ tall when folded, (it will easily store under a sofa) it’s an amazing space saver – perfect for a small home office.

And that’s the thing, while a foldable exercise bike or a foldable rowing machine are the norm, this treadmill with its foldable deck is completely out there, in terms of design. It’s just not something you expect on a treadmill.

No wonder this beautifully designed and completely foldable under desk treadmill won the Red Dot Award in 2019.

It comes with a very simple remote (see below). But is capable of more functions when connected to the Bluetooth App – you get all the essentials such as speed, steps, and calories, etc.

The speed is preset to a maximum speed of 1.75 mph (for safety while you get used to using it) but you can, if you wish, use the app to unlock a max speed of 3.75 mph.

Another great feature of this machine is the “auto” mode. This allows you to smoothly control your speed according to where you walk on the belt.

In practical terms that means a high-precision pressure sensor allows you to accelerate when you walk to the front on the belt and decelerate as you walk further to the rear.


  • Use Straight Out of the Box – No assembly required.
  • Unique Folding Design – The perfect space saver for small home offices.
  • Easy to Use App – Uses the WalkingPad app but isn’t app reliant to use the machine.
  • Speed Pressure Sensor– Allowing you to accelerate when you walk to the front on the belt and decelerate as you walk to the rear.

Buying Factors to Consider:

  • No Battery for the Remote –Somewhat disappointingly the remote doesn’t come with a battery. But they’re pretty easy to get.

Best 2 in 1 Under Desk and Running Treadmill: REDLIRO Under Desk Bed Treadmill 2 in 1 Walking Machine

If you don’t want to be limited to using your treadmill, solely for working work purposes, the REDLIRO 2 in 1 is the one to go for.

Two main modes allow you to use it efficiently and safely at a desk in the walking mode, and if you want to go for a run, simply raise the handrail and it becomes normal treadmill.

With a starting speed of 0 and a top walking speed of 4 MPH, this is a true desk treadmill, and for its low price, it’s actually one of the best under desk treadmills out there.

In running mode, the starting speed is 0.5 with a maximum running speed of 7.5 mph. Obviously, when it’s in running mode, the handrails mean it’s unlikely to still fit under your desk, but wheels allow you to move it easily, and with the handrail raised, there’s a nice built-in caddy for your remote, phone, and iPad, etc.


  • Non-on-slip deck | with 5 layers of shock-absorbing material that underlay the running belt.
  • Works with or without the remote | You can set the machine either using the remote or via the dashboard itself.
  • Easily stored away | It has the ability to store it upright when not in use.

Buying Factors to Consider:

  • Not for the office - There is an audible beep when you change the setting which is why this one is a better option for working from home rather than for use in a workplace setting.

My Top Pick for Home Office or Office Setting: LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

There are a few good reasons you should absolutely go for LifeSpan’s TR1200-DT3.

If you work in an office or home office setting you’ll need to keep noise distractions to an absolute minimum. It’s no surprise that one study found that attention was significantly reduced when the participants are exposed to noise.

So you certainly do not want any excessive beeping to interrupt either your train of thought or disturb and annoy your co-workers.

The LifeSpan is super quiet and although it by default it beeps every time you change speed by default (this is so you don’t accidentally change speed and without noticing) more importantly, the beeps can be completely switched off.

This is simply not an option with cheaper models out there, and it makes all the difference between a treadmill that’s only suitable for home use and an under-desk treadmill like this one that can be used in a professional workplace setting.

Not only that, but the 2.25 HP continuous-duty motor runs whisper-quiet – meaning your footprints will be louder than the machine itself.

But that brings me to another point, even your footprints will be quieter on this treadmill. It has 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks that keep the noise of your footsteps down.

In fact, the LifeSpan has markings, printed on the belt to indicate that the machine is actually running – it’s that quiet.

The LifeSpan DT3’s speed ranges from 0.4 to 4.0 miles per hour. But the maximum speed can be set to 2 mph if you wish.

Great if you need to convince your boss that a treadmill desk is a good idea. After all, it’s easy to allay any safety concerns about a treadmill that has a maximum walking limit of only 2mph.

This machine is built with a high-torque 2.25 HP motor specifically designed for the purpose of walking at a slow speed over an extended period of time.


  • The Console Is Easy to Read – In fact, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. It gives you a readout of the distance you’ve traveled, calories burned, time, step count as well as belt speed.
  • Quite for Office Use – You can silence beeps and alerts, resume your previous speed, switch between units of measure.
  • Unlimited walking time - If you want to walk for just as many hours as you work, and/or you want a high-quality under desk treadmill that’s suitable (and quiet enough) to use in a professional setting, this is the one you should go for.

Buying Factors to Consider:

  • It’s Better Value If You Go For the Treadmill Desk Combo - If however, you want an under desk treadmill that comes with a desk, you might want to go for the combo next.

Best Treadmill Desk Combo for Home/Office Use: LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 is a combination of the Lifespan’s TR1200-DT3 treadmill above, and an electic (automatic height adjustable) treadmill desk.

But there’s more to it than just buddling the two items together.

The two components are integrated in such a way as to make the DT7 a perfect example of a built-from-scratch design.

For a start the TR1200 as I’ve already mentioned is not a treadmill you’d ever find at the gym, there’s nothing that hints of repurposed running treadmill about it. It is a true under desk treadmill.

It’s specifically built for under desk walking while you work comfortably at the – one-touch, electric height adjustable treadmill desk, that comes as part of this combo.

The treadmill desk has a height adjustment range of just 27.5 inches to a full 50.5 inches. With just a touch of a button, (and if you place a chair on the deck), you can also sit down when whenever you like – so you can work proficiently without the interruption of having to move all your stuff to a separate desk each time.

The desk itself, at 38″ x 29″ gives you a good full-sized desk space too, so there’s plenty of room, not just for a laptop but for a desktop computer with a full-sized monitor if, like me, that’s what you use to work on.

What we particularly love about the desk’s design ( and what makes this more than just a treadmill and treadmill desk bundle) is that the control panel for the treadmill is built into the desk itself.

When you think about it, if you buy a separate under desk treadmill you then have to also buy a good treadmill desk. So there’s always a separate remote that can accidentally get knocked off or easily get lost amongst your stuff.

This one is sleek and modern and easy to use. In fact, it’s pretty self-explanatory just from the picture below.

And if you compare this to the high-end iMovR’s touch-screen LCD, the iMovR’s looks a little clunky to me – kinda like it’s been designed to be used in a laboratory rather than on a minimalist modern stylish desk.

And that brings me to another point. The cables on this desk treadmill are built internally into the design.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love technology. But I hate all the messy wires that come out of stuff. So good design like this is something I actually get excited about.

What’s more, this one even has built-in Bluetooth which allows you to wirelessly connect your treadmill to your smartphone so you can track your walking progress on their app.


  • User-Friendly Console that is Built Into the Desktop – With desk height adjustment at the touch of a button.
  • Good Office Choice – If you need to convince your boss that a treadmill desk is a good idea, this is a good choice. It’s built specifically for office use. With no cables lying around to cause a tripping hazard and it’s super quiet. The electric height-adjustable desk and treadmill combo mean you can stay at your treadmill desk saving on office space.

Buying Factors to Consider:

  • Pricey – This one would come under the category of professional exercise equipment so there’s a considerable jump in price. How much you think you will use it will be a big factor in whether it’s worth the investment.

Check the latest price for the LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk on

Best Pro Under Desk Treadmill for Home/Office Setting: iMovR ThermoTread GT Under Desk Treadmill

What’s so good about these high-end machines – I mean don’t they all do basically the same thing?

Well, there is a good reason I’ve chosen the iMovR as my best High-End Choice, and that is, it’s so much more durable and heavy-duty than the rest, that it leaves all its competitors in the shade.

If you are serious about your fitness, this machine can handle anyone with the highest levels of stamina. Its wider walking area and strong construction, which will comfortably accommodate any gait and users up to 400 lbs, makes this the best choice out there for the office or those that work full-time at home.

Let’s put this into perspective, there are no limits on how long you can walk on this machine – something that’s not true of its competitors. Lifespan models, for example, have a daily limit of 6-10 hours. Even if, you have no intention of walking that long every day, that time limit does say something about the durability of the machine.

Motors that haven’t been specifically tuned to low walking speeds have to overcome a tremendous amount of friction in order to pull the weight of a person on a rubber belt across an underlying deck. This puts a massive strain on the drivetrain – you know, the group of components that deliver power to the belt.

The iMovR, with its high-torque motor|drivetrain, (rollers, flywheel, and pully, etc) is specifically designed for the purpose of walking at a comfortably slow pace of between 0.5 and 2.5 mph over an extended period of time.

And though you won’t hear it running, there’s a built-in fan to cool the motor so you can walk as much as you want without any risk of overheating the motor.

It’s not just the fan that’s quiet either, this machine is super quiet – even for a high-end machine, it’s quiet. At 42.7 dB that’s less than the average HVAC system in most offices.

Unlike cheaper options with standard melamine decks, which can bounce as you walk, there’s no trampoline effect here. The iMovR’s deck is made from a 1″ thick – bakelite material which greatly contributes to the overall solidity of the machine.

The deck’s wide too, while cheaper models that say they have an ultra-wide belt at 18″, this one gives you 20″ to play with. That’s more than enough width to feel comfortable even allowing for different gaits.

So you can see, it’s sturdy, strong and up for the job, and that’s all backed up by the super-powerful 3 horse-power motor.

Of course, all that beefiness means it’s got some weight behind it – a whopping 147 lbs to be exact.

So as a workstation it’s pretty much best left as is – that’s where you’ll actually be using it. If you want to stand rather than walk, you can always add one of iMovR’s standing mats, designed to take the pressure off your joints.

Now for the techy bit:

Let’s talk about that touch-screen LCD console. While all the rest have basic fixed functionality, the ThermoTread GT takes things to the next level.

It’s the first of its kind to track multiple users’ sitting, standing, and walking times, plus calories burned, speed, distance walked, and steps taken.

That makes this treadmill ideal for sharing among coworkers or other family members.

The programmable timer even reminds users to take breaks or change sit-stand-walk mode if you wish.

There’s no repeatedly pressing buttons every time you come back to it after stepping away for a few minutes. The console is able to easily store and retrieve users preferences and usage information.

If you’re an individual user, what I’m going to say next won’t matter to you, but any bosses out there will love this: There’s a liability waiver button that’s required to be pressed at the start, much like on a sat nav. This protects your organization from liability in the event of any unsafe operation and makes the iMovR an ideal option for a corporate organization.

iMovR CloudStation

Please don’t get too excited, the much anticipated iMovR CloudStation promised for 2018 has yet to make an appearance. When/if it ever does, it will come in the shape of a long power bar, to be installed underneath your desk.

Your electrical devices such as your treadmill and automatic desk will be able to connect to it. The CloudStation will be able to control all the equipment’s functions and it will automatically record and sync the data from each session with advanced precision.

It will also have the ability to work with software to analyze and interpret the usage and fitness data of each user, and even the functionality of the machine itself telling you when it’s time to lubricate.

This next-generation technology will make Bluetooth with its sketchy connection a relic of the past.

Whether the wait will be a long one or it’s just around to corner we simply don’t know. They’re working on it.

But for me, this technology is superfluous. It certainly wouldn’t sway me to buy the treadmill and until there’s an under desk, treadmill walking category in the Olympics it shouldn’t sway you either.

The quality of the treadmill itself is what counts, and that alone makes this one the best you can buy.


  • Heavy-Duty – It will hold up to 400 lbs so there’s no chance the machine will slow down under your weight if you’re on the heavier side. It’s also built for heavy prolonged use. And can take on those with the stamina of an ox. Simply put the machine is strong and it’s built to last.
  • Advanced Touch-Screen LCD Console – It’s the first of its kind to track multiple users’ sitting, standing, and walking times, plus calories burned, speed, distance walked, and steps taken and remember, it’s able to easily store and retrieve users preferences and usage information.
  • Quiet Operation –  This is as quiet as they come. At 42.7 dB it’s less noisy than the average HVAC system in most offices so unless you wear loud shoes they won’t even notice you’re there.
  • Strong Deck – Made from 1″ thick – bakelite material, this deck is strong. You won’t find yourself bouncing like a kangaroo every time you take a step.
  • Wide walking Area|Belt – 20″ is as wide as they come, for a comfortable walking area and allowing for all gaits.

Buying Factors to Consider:

  • iMovR CloudStation – Don’t let the promise of this technology persuade you to buy the machine. All that technology is useless if the treadmill isn’t up to much. The quality of the treadmill itself is what counts, and that alone makes this one the best you can buy.

Check the latest price and color options for the iMovR ThermoTread GT on

Other Under Desk Treadmills to Consider:

These are the products that didn’t quite make my top picks, but they’re still pretty good so you might like to take a look:

Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation Slim Flat Treadmill

This desk treadmill is a newcomer to the market. But that doesn’t mean the company behind it is just jumping on the rapidly increasing demand for treadmill desks.

Sunny Health & Fitness are a well-respected US brand who have been in business for 18 years.

They clearly know what they are doing and this is by no means the first time they’ve featured in my reviews – if you are looking for a good water rowing machine, for example, Sunny Health & Fitness was my top choice, they were also my top choice for manual treadmills.

At a little over the $300 mark, this desk treadmill is a fantastic budget option for home office use.

It has a good compact design with built-in font wheels that make it super easy to roll out of the way for easy storage. And at 54lbs it’s lighter than the A1’s 61.7lbs.

There’s a large (14″ by 5″) LCD display that shows you your time, speed, calories burned, steps, and distance. But there’s also a remote (with included battery) and it’s this remote that you use to tell the machine what to do.

The remote is simple and easy to use, it’s pretty much self-explanatory just by looking at it, but here are its main features:

First, there is a default start speed of 0.5 MPH. You can then press the +/- buttons to increase or decrease your speed by increments of 0.1 MPH.

Press and hold either the +/- button for more than 0.5 seconds and your speed will increase or decrease continually.

A nice safety feature is an automatic pause if no user is detected. And there’s also power-saving mode if the machine is inactive for more than 10 minutes.

You’ll also get a beeping sound and an “OIL” icon after 188 miles to remind you that your treadmill needs lubrication.

With a top speed of 3. 75 MPH, this is a true desk treadmill and for a budget option, it’s actually one of the best under desk treadmills out there for anyone who doesn’t want a machine that will take up too much space and doesn’t require a heavy-duty beast of a machine.

Check the latest price for the Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation Slim Flat Treadmill on Amazon.

RHYTHM FUN Under Desk Treadmill

This is another good option it comes with Bluetooth so you can track and use programs via the app.

Key Features:

  • Walking speed of 0.5 to 53.7mph.
  • It has a slim profile of just 3″ so it can be easily stored under your sofa.
  • Bluetooth App compatible.

Check Price


This one is for light use and easy storage. It’s basically a 2 in 1 walking and running machine.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth and built-in speakers for audio and music.
  • It has a bright backlit dual LED display, controlled by a handheld wireless remote.
  •  It has a walking mode of 0.6 – 2 mph and a running mode of 2 – 4 mph.

Check Price

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Another good option from Goplus. It’s another 2 in 1 machine.

Key features:

  • Speed range of 0.6-2.2 mph in walking mode and up to 7.4mph in running mode.
  • It has Bluetooth and built-in speakers.
  • Foldable and low profile.

Check Price

Available for the UK

Best Compact Treadmill for Home Use: Sportstech DESKFIT DFT200 Office Desk Treadmill

Best Compact Treadmill for Home Use

“Stylish” and “chic” aren’t words you’d normally associate with an under desk treadmill, but on looks alone, the beautiful real curved wood finish on this treadmill could easily have won our top pick hands down.

This is what good design should look like. There’s no reason you should have to compromise on how nice you home looks just to stay active while you work at your desk.

But as refreshing it is to find an under desk treadmill that’s so beautifully designed, looks aren’t everything.

There’s a lot more to this under desk treadmill. It’s designed and built specifically for low-speed walking which if you read through our US choices, you’ll know that a motor that’s not designed for low-speeds has to overcome a huge amount of friction to pull the full weight of a person, on a belt, and this, in turn, puts a huge strain on the motor.

This treadmill has a maximum speed of only 4.35 mph (7.1 km/h) which is in the perfect range to comfortably work and while you walk.

And if you want to walk fast or even jog, just for the exercise, you still can with this low-speed range.

The treadmill is operated by remote control and your speed is shown on the treadmill’s simple display (LED lights to indicate speeds from 1 to 8). The treadmill is also app-compatible which shows you your speed level, distance, calories, time, and steps.

It’s sleek and compact – the overall dimensions of this treadmill are 130 cm by 56 cm and belt measures 90 x 40 cm.

And the great thing is, the low-profile deck is only 12 cm high. That means it can easily be stored under a sofa or bed when not in use – and there are two wheels built into the front for portability.

You can even store it upright and attached to a wall if you wish.

The German-made Sportstech DESKFIT DFT200 is available in three different wood finishes, it comes with a handy tablet stand and there is even an option to add a treadmill bar if you wish.

Check the latest price and wood finish options for the Sportstech DESKFIT DFT200 Office Desk Treadmill on Amazon UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run on an under desk treadmill?

A true under desk treadmill will only have a maximum speed of 4 mph or under. They aren't designed for running.

There are two good reasons for this: Firstly in order to type or whatever else you do at your desk, you'll find there's a limit at which you can work efficiently with a steady hand - and that's a lot slower than you'd think.

Most people walk at between 1.2 and 1.5 mph. Underdesk treadmills are built just for that purpose. But secondly, a motor that's specifically tuned for low speeds will last much longer than one that isn't. A running treadmill motor would have to overcome a huge amount of friction in order to pull a person on a rubber belt.

That's why you should choose one that's specifically built for the purpose.

Do under desk treadmills get you fit?

Yes, they absolutely do. You have to think of them in a different way from any piece of equipment you'd find at the gym, though.

Under desk treadmills are a healthy alternative to sitting down all day. Sitting is known to cause a dazzling array of health concerns including increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar, excess body fat and high cholesterol.

In today's society, it has become the norm to sit at a desk all day, and then sit in your car to drive home, followed by more sitting in the evening to watch tv or go out and sit while socializing with friends. But that doesn't mean it's natural for us. Using an under desk treadmill will keep you moving, and while you will burn extra calories, that's really not the point.

The point is just to keep moving.

Is it good to walk on a treadmill every day?

Walking everyday day can take a little getting used to, especially if you've worked for a long time at a desk job. You should set your own pace and not aim to walk all day at first or it will become a battle rather than an easy and enjoyable experience.

But walking every day is good for you and it's much better for your joints than just standing.

The U.S. Department of Health recommends adults to do at least 2 1/2 hours to 5 hours of moderate exercise a week or 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours of vigorous- activity per week. If you're not into fitness then that first option will appeal to you more.

And if you are, you'll be out running or down at the gym in your spare time and walking at work will help you stay fit.

Either way, an under desk treadmill is a good idea.

How much does an under desk treadmill cost?

Under desk, treadmills don't tend to be cheap. They are specifically designed for heavy and extensive use so a decent quality heavy-duty one can cost around $1500 or more.

These high-end ones are the ones you should choose for an office setting especially if the treadmill will be shared between several people.

However, there are some much more affordable options that are ideal for home use.

References "5 surprising benefits of walking"
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